Ok, let’s be honest – NOBODY rates a trip to an oral surgeon at the top of their list of fun things to do.  BUT, life is life and for most of us such a trip is necessary from time to time.  Such was my case with a badly broken tooth requiring an implant.

My experience with Dr. Duncan and the staff of North Atlanta Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has been top notch at every stage of getting the implant done.  I was scheduled quickly, and Dr. Duncan explained every step of the procedure in detail and in language I could follow without difficulty (this alone engenders a high degree of confidence and trust).  With EVERY procedure and visit he explained the next step and what to expect.  I felt like a partner in the process and not just a person in the chair.

Now, having said that about Dr. Duncan, let me say that the BEST Dr. in the world gets NOWHERE without good staff.  His staff is a group of highly efficient, courteous, and friendly professionals.  When I have to call for an appointment change or for any other reason, I talk to a REAL person, not a toneless recording.  From check-in, to x-rays, to procedures, to check-out they are on top of their game.

In an odd sort of way, I’m going to miss these guys when this is all over.  

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Duncan and the staff of North Atlanta Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Cumming, GA